How To Transfer Orgasms To Others And Yourself

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In this article I’m going to share with you some methods that may appear like sex magic, but they really are not and can be easily explained by the accepted contemporary knowledge.

It is written cookbook recipe-style.


  • yoni = vagina (Sanskrit and beautiful!)
  • lingam = penis (Sanskrit and hard!)

1. Expanding One Erogenous Zone To Many


  • at least 1 body part that is already orgasmic (highly erogenous)
  • 1 or more body parts that aren’t yet quite orgasmic (not erogenous, or slightly so)


  • 2 or more hands
  • tongues (optional)
  • lingams (optional)
  • yonis (optional)


  • More highly orgasmic erogenous body parts than at the start


Let’s assume that your lover orgasms when her clitoris is stimulated, but her breasts aren’t that sensually excitable and she would like to make them more erogenous. For the next few love making session you need to simultaneously stimulate her clitoris and her breasts, while bringing her to a clitoral orgasm. Of course it’ll be different for each person, but after several such experiences her breasts will become much more erogenous and in time, stimulating her breasts alone could bring to an independent orgasm.

Using the Neuro-Liguistic Programming (NLP) lingo, the non-orgasmic body part, that gets simultaneously stimulated, over time gets anchored to a state of an orgasm. That is, after some time, when it gets touched alone (anchor activation), it will trigger an orgasm or at the very least it’ll be significantly more sensual.

I suppose another aid occurring here is that the facilitator, touching at once several areas of the body, directly places the orgasmic energy, emitting from the more orgasmic body part, to the less orgasmic one, thus charging and opening it up.

In a particular case with clit-to-breasts transfer my favorite method is to position myself with my head facing her yoni, then have my tongue on her clit, while having my hands on her breasts and gently (or not so gently if she likes it) playing with them, while giving her an orgasm with my tongue.

This method is simple and it works really well.

Same goes with clit-to-G-spot, clit-to-anus, G-spot-to-anus, etc. – it’s not difficult to stimulate several of these at the same time using one tongue and two hands.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to use a lingam and a tongue at the same time, unless you are trying to transfer an orgasm to her ear lobes ;) (I often wish I had another tongue at the base of my lingam.) However a lingam and hands work really well in tandem.

Sometimes having additional hands, tongues, lingams and yonis can help to intensify and potentially speed up the waking process of the less-orgasmic body parts. Except there is a need for consistency of how this is done several sessions in a row. Also it can be too much of distraction, so more is not necessarily better.

And of course two women can do it without a man, in which case facilitator’s yoni could be useful too, since one of the possible orgasms is the entrance to yoni. So a yoni-to-yoni can facilitate an orgasmic transfer.

There are so many different configurations that can be tried.

Of course these transfers work for men, being on the receiving side of this process. Men just have less places with high concentration of sensual nerve endings, so there are less places to easily spark very sensual responses, as compared to women. Most obvious is playing with the entrance to the anus, while providing a penile orgasm. Or going in if he wishes so. Developing deeper sensitivity to touch can make men’s experiences as powerful as women’s, but it’ll take much work and dedication.

2. Transferring Orgasms from One Woman to Another


  • 1 non-orgasmic or not very orgasmic woman
  • 1 very or quite orgasmic woman


  • toys (optional)
  • 2 men (ideal, but optional)


  • 2 quite or very orgasmic women


The basic configuration is to have 2 couples making love in the same space – the closer to each other the better – sharing the same bed, so that all four participants are being very close to each other, is even better.

Engage in your normal foreplay and love making, as much as possible ignoring the other couple.

When the very orgasmic woman (couple A) starts orgasming, after some minutes the less orgasmic woman[1], who at that time engages in oral or (ideal) penetrative sex with her lover (couple B) and doesn’t try to analyze things (i.e. out of her head and in her body) will start orgasming[2]. It’s that simple.

footnote 1: here I will use the term less orgasmic woman, to indicate a situation where she has difficulties reaching the big ‘O’, a full body orgasm or at times even a clitoral one.

footnote 2: there is a very small percentage of women, who have a medical issue and in which case this method may or may not work. But most women, in my experience, have difficulties orgasming because their minds get in their way. And for a woman, unlike for a man, an orgasm, especially a full body cervical orgasm, requires her to be fully present in her body.

The very orgasmic woman, experiencing a full body orgasm, will make it easier for the less orgasmic woman to reach her heights, as the orgasmic energy of deep full body orgasm is typically much more powerful as compared to the orgasmic energy of the clitoral orgasm.

Women are very receptive by nature and as long as the less orgasmic woman gives herself a permission to just be and surrender to her body and not think about it, the nature and laws of physics will do the rest.

In my experience having more than 2 couples will likely provide a significantly more powerful transference. Both, because there will be exponentially more orgasmic energy, but also because the mind of the less orgasmic one will have a much more difficult time to compute things, as there is more than one woman to potentially analyze, and therefore her vigilant mind is likely to just fold for the duration and allow her body to do the healing and to let go.

I remember several times, during a practice with several couples, my lover and I had just started the foreplay and one or two super-orgasmic women from other couples were already into the loud ‘O’s. Needless to say, no more foreplay was needed for us, I could see how my lover was getting on fire through the external energy and not due to our sexual connection or my “prowess”. I could see that energy in her eyes and the body. This was a very different sequence of events compared to when it was just the two of us, where a foreplay was an essential warm up stage, before we advanced to an orgasmic stage. It was not as quick and powerful when we did similar practices with just one another couple in the same space, but all of them did have a very noticeable impact on my lover’s readiness for big ‘O’s.

This is pretty esoteric knowledge, but my feeling is that it is totally safe being right here in the open, since 99.999% of those of you who read this — will blush, say “wow” and will not dare to do it. You don’t realize of course, that if you have ever watched any porn to get aroused you have already done it, except being in the same physical space with she, who orgasms for real, is a way more powerful than watching a recording of she, who usually fakes it (porn that is), and even if she doesn’t fake it (rare on film).

Now, you can certainly try to do the same with just two women and no men, using your hands and/or toys. It will depend on how powerfully the very orgasmic woman can orgasm without a man, so that she creates enough of a wave to affect the less orgasmic other woman. It’ll vary greatly from woman to woman, and of course on the kind of relationship the two women have. The problem is that there are many women who can successfully orgasm on their own, but not with a man. So this may or may not serve the purpose, if the less orgasmic woman is moving towards opening up to have powerful orgasms when she is with a man. That’s said, you have nothing to lose by training this configuration and a lot to gain. In the worst case you have just opened your heart to another woman, and she to you. All intentional consensual intimacy experiences will bring healing as long as all involved stay attuned to their needs and act on them should the need arise during the process.

That said, very often a woman can’t orgasm with a man (or not at all), because she has been sexually abused and is not just in her head and not in her body. In which case smart loving therapy is needed and any gentle movement towards trust, love and orgasmic re-opening is just right. And of course there are men who have been abused too, and they could have just as many issues, except man’s sexual wiring is much simpler than woman’s and therefore men are less likely to have an issue with orgasms. Now we start going into a very different direction, which in time will be addressed elsewhere on this site. Until then please read this excellent book: “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel van der Kolk M.D. and follow the recommendations found within. If there is a substantial unresolved trauma stored in the body, it’s almost pointless to try to orgasm, because the body won’t feel safe to let go. Moreover, it may even exacerbate the existing trauma, therefore please be very gentle with yourself, if you feel these words have been written for you.

The methods of working with pre-existing sexual energy presented in this article would work well for both, men and women, for whom the orgasmic difficulties come primarily from their ever-analyzing and judging minds and them needing help to get out of their head and to embody their body.

If you find this direction interesting you can read more about the benefits of group love making, a powerful tool for opening the hearts of the participants and diminishing the suffering resulting from possessiveness being the most important ones, and also the guidelines for manifesting intentional group sex. For more discussion on this topic please read the article on love making with your heart open.

If you have tried any of these techniques and feel courageous to share please do so in the comments section. You can always comment anonymously by choosing whatever name you want and your email address is not ever displayed.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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