Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch

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Learning how to experience sexual pleasure without touching myself or being touched is something I have started to experiment with as of recent.

After all, if we all have sexual dreams and are able to experience pleasure and to have an orgasm without touching ourselves or being touched on the physical level, we should be able to achieve the same while being awake.

Expanding the Capacity to Channel Sexual Energy

Just as learning to masturbate well helps you to know yourself better and then to have a better sexual experience with your partner,  I believe this is a very important practice if you want to expand your capacity to have full body orgasms. In order to be able to receive and contain the powerful flow of sexual energy that manifests during sex, you need first to lay the foundation and pave the “highways” for the energy to flow through your body. Otherwise the energy won’t be able to flow and it will stop either at the genitals or somewhere half-way through.

Developing your energetic channels during sex is very difficult since so much is going on. More so for us men, who often feel in charge of the “orchestra”, not very good at multi-tasking, and therefore, have little capacity for learning in that environment. It’s much better to develop those by practicing alone, when you have a full control over the influx of energy and you can focus exclusively on one thing at a time.

That’s why I believe this practice is very beneficial to men to able to last much longer before ejaculating, and to both genders to transform local genital orgasms to full body orgasms.

I already have a well-developed capacity to perceive subtle energies and to move those around my body at will. This is due to almost a decade of my Tantric yoga and Reiki practices. Now I just need to work specifically with the sexual energy and train my body to perform this unusual practice.

If you’re new to subtle energy work, I’d recommend taking a first level of Reiki, which is usually quite cheap and happens in a single 2-day training. Then, if you practice Reiki on yourself for about one month, you should start feeling the universal energy flow in your body. Some people already know how to feel that energy without any training, others might be slow at figuring it out. What’s for sure is that any human being can learn that skill. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a Reiki teacher in your area. Of course finding a yoga school where you could be taught not just the stretching and gymnastics, but also the work with energies is quite a different story. For the latter please see: How and Where to Study Shaiva Tantra.

If you don’t really want to undertake any prep-work in learning to work with energies, I trust that you can experiment with this approach just as you are. Most people can feel their sexual energy to some degree, therefore it can be accessible to all. The question is whether you will have the tenacity to practice long enough to make it happen.

The Technique

Here is what I’ve been practicing at this stage:

  1. I start by lying on my back, with my legs slightly apart.
  2. then I take a few minutes to relax my body.
  3. next I focus on the tingling sensation of sexual energy in the head of my penis and around it. if I don’t feel anything I recall a time when I felt it and almost immediately I feel it. This stage might take practice.
    If you are a women focus on the sexual energy you’d feel in your clitoris,  other parts of your vulva,  deep inside your vagina, nipples, or anus. You have many more options to start with than us men.
  4. I try to expand that feeling to a wider area, creating a sphere of sexual energy.
  5. finally I try to expand it into my whole body, but primarily moving it up, towards my head. When successful this stage brings jolts of kundalini energy moving up with goosebumps, heat, blushing and other manifestations that will vary wildly from person to person.

This will take some practice to make it work well. Sometimes it works better as I practice, at other times it’s quite difficult.

I also try to work with pure energy without fantasizing or visualizing, but I’m not always successful at activating my sexual energy just because I wanted to. So I cheat a little bit and visualize some lovely touch to activate my masculine sexual energy, usually devoid of personality, and more of an amalgamation or an essence of feminine sexual energy. I’m not sure whether this “helping” will make things more difficult to perfect this ability or not — time will show. The reason I try not to imagine things is that it’s more difficult for me not to get distracted and move into another kind of work, which is not bad, but takes me away from my focus.

More Refinements

Recently I stumbled upon a very old book by L. E. Eeman, called “How Do You Sleep?”. The book explains how to prepare the body for a good body repair work during sleep. And besides various other suggestions it involves 3 stages of preparation performed while lying on your back.

  1. Perform a full body relaxation from the bottom up, followed by observing the changes in the body.
  2. Clasp your hands loosely over the solar plexus, and cross your feet and stay like that for a few minutes. This charges body with fresh nervous energy.
  3. Perform a brief mental concentration on each part of your body from the top down. This brings blood circulation to each of the parts you focused on improving its function.

Ideally all stages ought to be done with a sensation of pleasure. See Chapter IV. Correct Mental Conditions for complete details.

I have a feeling that using those 3 stages before starting the sexual work would bring much better results, since your body will be more capable of doing a better energetic work. And this also can be done right before going to sleep, so you will be killing two birds with one stone here, working on your sexuality and have a much better quality of sleep.

Your Input

And now we turn to you reader. Please share whether you have tried this approach, obviously stating whether you’re a man or a woman, sharing what works for you, what doesn’t, what difficulties you encounter, how it may have affected your sexual life, tips you can give to others, etc. Thank you.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch”

  1. Thulasidas says:

    Yes , enjoyed this full body orgasam technique for abt ten years . I am male . I thought it was called yoga Indra . – just lay flat open legs – I prefer in nude . U can feel energy start from left toe – & go thru lovely up body . U cont R@elax & same time gently focus on energy as if u guide it _ as u cont to relax & get lost in it it becomes subtler _ each time the pleasure is diff \ new & lovely subtler . Usually this yoga Indra meditation happens abt 11/2 hr duration

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