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This is a place where I’m going to place concepts and techniques related to sexuality that I’d like to research and report back to you. As I work through each one, I will create a dedicated “Sex This: ” article where each of those topics will be looked at in depth and you will be invited to participate in any shape and form you feel moved to.

This is also a place where you can make requests for me to research things, or perhaps things that you have tried and would like to know what others think of it and altogether improve the process and understanding. So please use the comments section for that.

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Missionary Position is Conducive for Fast Ejaculation in Men

This idea that I’d like to research in detail comes from Adam Tokunaga’s  book “Slow Sex Secrets – Lessons from the Master Masseur”

quote from the book:

So, why does premature ejaculation occur? The lack of resistance of the penis is the biggest factor, naturally, but what’s interesting is that the most common sexual position, the so-called “missionary position” actually includes factors that can cause men to ejaculate prematurely. As a matter of fact, of the many positions available, the missionary position is the one that leads to the fastest ejaculation.

Let’s analyze this in detail. In the missionary position, the man’s body assumes a forward-leaning attitude. The male ejaculatory mechanism is closely linked with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which are part of the human autonomic nervous system. When the body is leaning forward the sympathetic nervous system, which causes heightened sensitivity in the nerves, takes precedence, causing greater sensitivity in the friction between the penis and the vagina. Added to this is the fact that in this position there is greater freedom for pelvic thrusting, making it easy to enter a sexual “full-attack” mode. In this position, men who lack confidence in their ability to hold out invariably ejaculate in very little time, and this is hardly surprising. Indeed, the missionary may well be called the “immediate-ejaculation position” so men who tend towards premature release should avoid starting out in it.

Conversely, if the man is lying face-up, holding his partner on top of him, the parasympathetic nervous system comes into play, suppressing his arousal and allowing him to enter a state of greater relaxation. This has the effect of making it harder for him to ejaculate. Just by changing positions, the same man, with the same penis, can dramatically extend his endurance. Knowing this simple fact can allow you to hold out much longer and to share your partner’s pleasure that much longer.

This is an interesting suggestion to ponder and experiment with.

Incubated Research Posts

Here is the list of posts that started here in the fodder and became fully fledged Sex This research posts:


Your Input

Now it’s your turn.

  • What things are you experimenting with in the sexual realm.
  • What things you struggle with and want to hear how others overcome those.
  • What things you wish you could do
  • What interesting ideas have you discovered but haven’t yet explored

Please write those in the comment section below, giving as many details as possible and if there is a source you learned those from please quote the source so others could read it it.

If you feel it’s too private to write about in public, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at:, and I will try to address it in future posts, while keeping your privacy.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “Sex This: Input Fodder & Make Requests Here”

  1. Heather johnson says:

    You would have more believability if you knew how to spell, i.e. experiental is spelled experiMental. (Small m of course)!

    For a doctor (ha!), i would think that spelling would be a number 1 priority. I believe that your resume on yourself should be investigated. The world is being taken advantage of as it is! God is watching!

    • stas says:

      Thank you for sharing how you feel, Heather.

      Let’s look up the word in a dictionary first:


      adjective: experiential

      involving or based on experience and observation.
      “the experiential learning associated with employment”

      This project is called experiential exactly for this reason. I don’t want anybody to believe anything I say, I encourage you to experience things for yourself. I hope that clarifies the confusion.

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