How to Make Love on Chakra #7 (Sahasrara @ Crown)

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Finally we are reaching the top chakra, and in this article we will discuss the nuances of love making on Sahasrara[1]. Truly, it’s very tricky to make love on Sahasrara, for when you put your focus there, and assuming that you can feel the energy of that chakra, you get plugged into the connection with the divine and any interest in sexual activity is very likely to start fading away. Therefore, practically, you either need to learn how to focus on more than one chakra at once to sustain the sexual process, or instead, you make love on one of the lover chakras and when you feel satiated with the love making, you stop, disengage and then you meditate on Sahasrara[2]. If you choose to try to focus on Sahasrara during sex, what you most likely need to do is to have 10% focus on your genitals to keep the fire going, and 90% on Sahasrara.

footnote 1: before you proceed with this article it’ll benefit you to first read the background story behind moving your sexual energy during love making.

footnote 2: I personally choose to work on Sahasrara after love making, and sublimate the sexual energy during love making to AnahataVishuddha, or Ajna. It’s also said that the energy moves quite easily on its own from Ajna to Sahasrara because of their proximity and also because of special energy channels (nadis) that connect these two chakras. And it’s so much easier to make love on Ajna than Sahasrara for me.

Sahasrara chakra is located at the crown of the head. It’s a complex structure, but for our purpose of sexual energy sublimation, knowing that it’s located at the top of your head is sufficient.

High states of consciousness can be achieved when this chakra is greatly purified and becomes highly aroused. The Kundalini energy raises from the Muladhara chakra all the way to Sahasrara and if it’s powerful enough and can be sustained for long periods of time, then various levels of samadhi[3] can be experienced.

footnote 3: samadhi = a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. In Hindu yoga this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached.

While in Ajna you can work on the masculine and the feminine aspects of your being, in Sahasrara the two unite. There is no more duality. There is just all of creation at once. There is the state of merging into oneness. This is the ultimate goal of traditional Yoga.

So isn’t it amazing that we can have sex and work on our enlightenment at the same time. The French call the orgasm “La petite mort“, for when one has a powerful orgasm at that moment she (or he) usually can’t remember even her name and gets a glimpse into the aforementioned states of samadhi.

I hope you are now inspired to incorporate some Sahasrara work into your sexual life. As one of Osho’s book’s sub-titles goes: From Sex to Superconsciousness.

As in all articles of this series next you will discover various aids that can help you to work on your Sahasrara chakra. Before you start with the chakra-specific tools please make sure to read first the explanation on how these tools work and why they can help you.

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Here are some very powerful Yoga practices, that work with Sahasrara chakra:

  • Ardha Shirshasana
  • Shirshasana

The primary tool of working on Sahasrara in Yoga is meditation on this chakra. There are many versions of such meditations, but they all are quite complex to explain in just words. I trust that if you find an experienced Yoga teacher you can get the proper initiation in such powerful meditations.

Love Making Positions

Body positions that will aid in activating the Sahasrara chakra during sex are depicted below:


Metals & Gemstones

Wear on your body a jewelery that embeds diamonds to help you purify and activate your Sahasrara chakra.


If you somehow can learn the ancient Temple Dance of devadasis, it will have your Sahasrara activated. Some books mention this old Indian practices, but unfortunately I have never seen anybody teach this style. There are a few wonderful teachers out there who do all kinds of Tantric femininity trainings, but I don’t know where would they get the specific know-how. If you do know of any please share.


Luckily we have music that makes it relatively easy to tap into the energy of Sahasrara chakra. Here are some ideas for you to start with:

The ancient Indian instrument Rudra Veena (Rudra Vina alt. spell) activates Sahasrara. The Indian mythology suggests that Shiva himself created Rudra Veena, and therefore it can only produce the highest vibrations of all, which corresponds to the energy of Sahasrara chakra. There is a very interesting dissertation written on this instrument by Anthony P. Westbrook, which is called “The Divine Vina and the World Monochord – Musical Cosmology from the Rig Veda to Robert Fludd” (2001). It’s not available in any book shops, but you might be able to find it online (no steady link at the moment).

Movies & Books

How does one describe or model the ineffable[4]? It’s doubtful it’d be possible to find movies or books that can help one to have a direct experience of the energy of Sahasrara, i.e. through watching or reading something. As a result I can’t really make any specific book or movie recommendations for Sahasrara.

footnote 4: ineffable = too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

There are plenty of books that attempt to teach various sciences and methods of enlightenment, but they all can only point the finger to the ineffable, and can’t provide a direct experience. You, the reader, needs to experience it. I suppose the closest you can get to experiencing it, is to read accounts of people who tried to write down their experience of waking up to enlightenment.  A classic compilation of such accounts can be found in Robert Ullman, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman’s “Mystics, Masters, Saints, And Sages – Stories of Enlightenment“. One of my favorite such accounts is Suzanne Segal’s “Collisions With The Infinite“. I wrote about the latter in “Finding Meaning in Life through the Game of Life“.  Reading those accounts slowly and with full awareness of your own body is likely to give you a glimpse into the high states of consciousness described in those texts.

The same suggestion applies to movies, watch feature films and documentaries about the lives of enlightened masters and seek out the parts where they are trying to describe what was it like to experience the masters in the state of enlightenment. I’m very fond of the books that talk about the life of a great enlightened Indian master Sri Ramakrishna. These accounts suggest that every time one of his disciples asked Sri Ramakrishna to talk about his states of enlightenment, he would fail to do so, because as soon as he started to think about it, he would leave his body and go into a state of samadhi (very high state of consciousness). Therefore here you have another example that the state of highly aroused Sahasrara chakra doesn’t quite lend to a discussion. You can only experience it yourself and then you’d know.

The good thing is that one doesn’t need to be enlightened to feel the energy of Sahasrara – it’s accessible to all.

Further Learning

If you feel inspired and would like to dive even deeper into the science of chakras, here is a list of books I recommend to read to deepen your knowledge of chakras:

Other important books to study:

Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts and make suggestions. Thank you!

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