How to Make Love on Chakra #5 (Vishuddha @ Throat)

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Have you ever noticed how if you had to be very quiet, while having sex (e.g. having parents in the house combined with paper-thin walls), it was very difficult to control the sexual energy — as if it were corked up in the bottle? I think this is because most people naturally use the throat to move the sexual energy up, whether they realize that or not. And if it’s intentionally blocked — the energy can’t move at all. Those little (or not so little) grunting noises, the oh’s and the ah’s are the body’s natural intuitive way of moving the sexual energy away from the genitals  to the throat and to prolonging the love making. So the more you express your joy and sensual pleasure, the longer you get to enjoy it. How smart our bodies are!

note: If you have just landed on this article I recommend that you first read the background story behind moving your sexual energy during love making.

This text will give you tools for intentionally working with Vishuddha, your fifth chakra, located  above the pit of your throat.

While Anahata (heart) was at the gateway of the material and the spiritual worlds, Vishuddha is the first purely spiritual chakra and has no connection in the material world.

It corresponds to the element of ether, which belongs to the group of the 5 elements, each corresponding to a chakra:

  1. Muladhara (base) = earth
  2. Svadhishthana (sex) = water
  3. Manipura (navel) = fire
  4. Anahata (heart) = air
  5. Vishuddha (throat) = ether

Ether is an element that doesn’t exist in the physical sense. It’s the element that is the container for the lower 4 elements, which are very physical. The 4 elements need a space to be in, and ether provides this space. And it’s the fifth element (if you remember the movie).

Modern science still can’t prove that ether exists, though it’s believed that light travels through ether.

The Greeks considered that ether was to Gods, what air is to us. Air is too impure for Gods, and ether is of the level of purity accepted by Gods.

While Anahata is a very interpersonal chakra, Vishuddha is transpersonal – beyond the limits of personal identity. It corresponds to pure science, high aesthetics and spiritual intuition.

When you think about space and time, you activate Vishuddha.  Astronomy, astrology, cosmology, cosmogony, astrophysics and time travel are all within its domain.

From the accessibility point of view this is a very difficult chakra, since it’s so foreign to our dominantly material and quite impure world. So there are very few people on this planet, who have mastered this chakra. Yet, as I mentioned at several occasions, this is a great chakra to send your sexual energy to, because it’s intuitive to most people and it is so easy to do – just express your pleasure vocally!

In addition to natural vocalization, here are other aids that will help you to keep your focus on Vishuddha chakra for the duration of the love making session and strengthen and purify this chakras as a result of this process. Before you start with the chakra-specific tools please make sure to read first the explanation on how these tools work and why they can help you.


Practicing the following Yoga techniques outside your bedroom chamber will develop the energetic awareness of your Vishuddha and help you to purify and strengthen it, so that you will be able to easily move your sexual energy there during your love making, which will further purify and strengthen this chakra. While doing Yoga techniques will purify whatever chakra they work with, the purification process is much more important for Vishuddha, because one of the main aspects of this chakra is purity.

There are just a few main techniques to work with:

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Ujjayi Pranayama

Love Making Positions

Body positions that will aid in activating the Vishuddha chakra are mainly those where the legs of the lovers are intertwined.

Here are some possibilities:





Use the essential oil of Frankincense to help activate Vishuddha chakra. Add a few drops of the essential oil to an oil diffuser or an oil burner in the space where you make love.

Metals & Gemstones

Wear on your body a jewelery that embeds Sapphire.

Mercury is supposed to have the right resonance, but it is a very dangerous substance. I won’t take the risk. (Unless you have mercury amalgam tooth fillings in which case you already have it, but you might want to get rid of those.)


In the previous article I have introduced the practice of transfiguration. So while this practice activates Manipura and Ajna, and if you practice it with love — Anahata, working with Vishuddha is considered to be the main purpose of its practice. Since Vishuddha is the chakra of purity and transpersonal states, transfiguration allows us to accomplish just that.

To remind, this is the practice of gently gazing into each other eyes, while ignoring any physical traits of the person you are looking at, and focusing primarily on the transpersonal divine aspects of the other and yourself. This is where the Hindu art representations of Shiva and Shakti become very helpful. Since Shiva and Shakti are the two undifferentiated aspects of the divine in Tantra. Other than representing the masculine and the feminine, this is a pure as it gets. For inspiration of what it might feel like, have a look at the thousands of images of Hindu art on Shiva and Shakti (google images).

Feeling those transpersonal states is very difficult for most of us, but don’t give up, every effort in that direction, no matter how small, will help to purify this chakra, and slowly, slowly crack open that door into the transpersonal.


Practicing Sufi dervish whirling will activate your Vishuddha. If you venture in that direction, you may want to take lessons from someone who knows what they are doing, or you might crash into some furniture ;)


As discussed earlier, the throat chakra is a tough one for most of us and it is not surprising that it’s difficult to find music that activates just the Vishuddha chakra. Most music that fits this category will have the energy of other chakras mixed in. Here are some ideas:

Another category to look into is space sounds. Music of the Spheres, the term coined by the ancients, is the music made by celestial bodies. And modern technology and space travel managed to record those directly through NASA Voyager Space Sounds.

Personally I find it very difficult to make love, while playing music that activates Vishuddha chakra. It takes me to a different place, where my sexual desire quickly evaporates and then turns into a somewhat transcendental experience. For me it becomes somewhat of a separated from my lover experience. What interaction can one have with his lover when both are beyond the physical realms. As a result of this I don’t use music as an aid if I want to make love on Vishuddha. Of course, your experience may vary, so make sure to try it and discover your own experience with it.


Documentaries and feature films that explore space and time are likely to activate Vishuddha chakra.

Here is a good starting list:


Similar to the subjects of the movies, you want scientific and science-fiction books. The following are excellent choices for books, which will give you a glimpse into what Vishuddha feels like:

Further Learning

If you feel inspired and would like to dive even deeper into the science of chakras, here is a list of books I recommend to read to deepen your knowledge of chakras:

Other important books to study:

Your comments, contributions and ideas for improvements are always welcome. If inspired — please use the comments section below.

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or make another pick from Sexuality and Relationships Open Book.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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