How to Make Love on Chakra #3 (Manipura @ Navel)

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In the article “How To Move Sexual Energy To Prolong Your Love Making” you have learned the basics of moving the energy away from the sexual organs. In this article I will discuss how to move your sexual energy specifically to Manipura, your third chakra.

Manipura is the nearest chakra you can move your sexual energy to in order to reduce the explosive build up in the area of the genitals. Trying to move the energy to Muladhara, the first chakra, will not make things better, because of its close proximity to Svadhishthana, the second chakra. Moreover in Tantric sciences the intention is to always move the energy up. The only reason you’d choose to move it down, would be if you want to work specifically with that lower chakra, for example if you’re trying to purify its energy. An advanced practitioner may choose to do so. For a beginner it’s almost always better to move the energy up and away from the sexual organs.

Making love on Manipura requires you to activate and continually focus on that chakra. Manipura carries the energy of the fire and hot passion. The best way to think of this chakra is to try to imagine the energy of a traditional Japanese samurai, a Toreador (a bull fighter) or a Flamenco dancer. If you need an inspiration of what that feels like, later in this article I will list books and movies you could draw inspiration from.

Traditionally, Manipura chakra is found at the level of the navel.

The manipura is situated in the navel region, that is, that part of the vertebral column which corresponds to the navel region. Technically, the manipura is also called nabhi (the navel).
(from: Shyam Sundar Goswami – Laya Yoga 1999 p. 206, which quotes traditional Vedic and Tantric texts)

However, New Age gurus have moved it to the area of the solar plexus. Most likely this was done to “better” map the energy of the fire, and it’s likely that the solar plexus felt, to whoever suggested the alternative placement, as the obvious placement for Manipura.[1] This article follows the system I was taught, i.e. the traditional placement of Manipura in the navel. And all the aids listed here work with subtle energy in the area of the navel.

footnote 1: This change often creates a confusion and causes problems. I can’t tell you which choice is right for you. Ideally you’d go with the placement that your teacher or lineage prescribes, if you have such. If you don’t, use your intuition. Kashmir Saivism, the Tantric lineage that I follow, supports seekers coming from many different belief systems. Therefore following its tenets, I will not tell you that my way is better or is the only correct one. Choose the way that resonates the most with you and stick to it. Moreover, our bodies are full of minor chakras. So it’s possible that during your love making you will be moving the energy not to Manipura, but some other minor chakra. For the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish here – move the energy away from the sexual organs, it will be sufficient. However, if you go with the New Age solar plexus placement, don’t follow this article and instead, ask your guru which aids to use to match the energy of the solar plexus.

In order to make love on the Manipura chakra, you simply focus your mental attention in the area of your navel. The energy will naturally follows your focus. Though, unless you have been training in yoga, martial arts or similar disciplines, you’re likely to lose that concentration very quickly. The good news is — there are various aids that will help you maintain that focus naturally.

Before you start with the chakra-specific tools please make sure to read first the explanation on how these tools work and why they can help you.

Table of Contents


Here are some very powerful Yoga practices, that work with Manipura chakra:

  • Dandasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Kapalabhati
  • Mandukasana
  • Mayurasana
  • Nabhyasana
  • Nauli Kriya
  • Trataka
  • Trikonasana
  • Uddiyana Bandha

Of course there are other techniques as well, but this list is an excellent start.

Martial Arts

If you seriously practice some kind of martial arts, it would be very similar to the Yoga practice for Manipura, since martial arts work a lot with the area of the navel and below it. Martial arts use a different terminology and the focus areas are slightly different. Same goes for QiQong, Tai Chi and other Asian disciplines of a kind. If you are already a master at those, you can safely use the focus points that you’re already familiar with from those practices, instead of developing a Yoga practice.

Love Making Positions

Body positions that will aid in activating the Manipura chakra are with woman on top, penis touching her cervix, and even better with her legs forward, as in this situation, the penetration has to be as deep as possible.

Here are some possibilities:


Depending on the “body padding” of the lovers, if these positions are painful or uncomfortable for the man, the woman can lean back to take some load off his groin.

These positions are also very suitable for helping the woman reach a cervical orgasm.

My favorite position on Manipura is as depicted above, with my lover’s legs stretched out to the sides of my face, her leaning back, and me holding her by the ankles. My lingam (penis) needs to be fully erect. I start rocking her back and force. Please note that this method gives a very powerful stimulation to her cervix. If she is new to this kind of deep work, the sensation and energy can be so strong that she could easily pass out. So be very careful going slowly at it and watching her experience at all times. You may also need to let her control the range and the speed of motion until she feels comfortable and not overpowered by it. With an experienced and cervical-ly open lover this method gives her an extremely powerful cervical orgasm. Every so often I also tend to change the gap between her ankles, widening and narrowing it. This provides a wide range of experiences for her, since her yoni (vagina) muscles get a different contraction experience around my lingam. Also I find that this works well with lover with full buttocks. If I do it with a lover with very small buttocks, it causes a lot of friction for my groins and then it’s just painful. In either way you need to make sure she sits at an angle that doesn’t land her sitz bones (the ischial tuberosity) over your groin as it again will be painful.

Yet, another variation is the same but her facing away from him. Similar to reversed cowgirl, but her legs are stretched out, as in the previous description. It also provides some very interesting and rewarding cervical stimulation, and again it works only if the padding is right, and painful otherwise. This position, however, is much closer to the doggy-style, which activates Anahata, the 4th chakra, except both lovers are positioned differently in space. Depending on the angle it could also be activating Ajna, the 6th chakra. (XXX: see illustrations when I will write that article)


Use essential oils of Cinnamon or Ginger to help activate Manipura chakra. Add a few drops of the essential oil to an oil diffuser or an oil burner in the space where you make love.

Metals & Gemstones

Wear on your body a jewelery that embeds Iron, Gold or fiery Rubies.


If you dance Flamenco or Tango before love making, or intently watch professional dancers, you will have your Manipura activated.


Similarly to the dancing recommendation earlier in this article, play pure Flamenco or Tango-style music during love making. Don’t use fusion styles, as they are likely to mix other elements, which will activate other chakras. Modern fusion tends to mix in energy of Svadhishthana, the second chakra, which is not what you need, since you are trying to move the energy away from it. Adding more energy on Svadhishthana will make the sexual energy build up even more.

Music from “hero”-type movies also activates Manipura. Of course not all tracks from such movies will work for that purpose. Most of the time, it’s the specific audio tracks to which heroes face their challenges and fight. It’s difficult not to feel goosebumps and have a strong desire to put an armor on and go into battle, when you hear the right track. Listen to your body and it will point to you the right choices.

Here is a good starting list of such movie soundtracks.

Other not-composed-for-movies music:

Needless to say, please, try not to get carried away being a hero and be present for the needs of the love making session ;)


Samurai and hero-type movies is the kind that will activate Manipura chakra. Here are a few for your to start with:

Also look for comedies that give you that deep belly laughter. It’s hard to make any specific recommendations, since we all have a different sense of humor.


If you were to read only one book to help you identify with the the Samurai energy I’d highly recommend “Shogun” by James Clavell. I listened to the 2000 Books on Tape edition, narrated by David Case, and it was extremely well produced! There are other narrations as well. The book is set in feudal Japan in 16th century when no foreigner has ever set his foot on this land. A British ship gets into a storm, crashes and a small group of survivors gets washed out to the forbidden land. And they are in for a surprise of their life. There is also a 1980’s TV Mini-series based on the book, but of course read the book first.

Otherwise most books that masterfully transmit the experience of being a hero, often in war or some other kind of human conflict, will do the trick of activating Manipura chakra. For example if you read the books, the movies listed in this article are based on, it’ll be an excellent choice.

Other Aids

A good hearty belly laughter will move energy to Manipura. It might be difficult to sustain an erection with laughter, but if you’re taking a break, especially if you are feeling there is too much sexual energy in your genital area —  this could be a great interlude and it’ll move the energy up really fast. Deep crying with abandonment will work too (this can be a happy loving crying). It’s not uncommon for women to intermittently laugh and cry during strong orgasms, since orgasms have an incredible power of helping us letting go.

Further Learning

If you feel inspired and would like to dive even deeper into the science of chakras, here is a list of books I recommend to read to deepen your knowledge of chakras:

Other important books to study:

If after reading this article you are inspired to share, please use the comments section below.

Next, I recommend you read on making love on others chakras:

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or make another pick from Sexuality and Relationships Open Book.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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