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The article “How To Move Sexual Energy To Prolong Your Love Making” explains how to dramatically prolong your love making sessions by moving the energy away from the sexual organs. The process is relatively simple – you choose a chakra you’d like to focus on and you move the sexual energy there during love making.  Though, unless you have been training in working with chakras you’re likely to lose that focus very quickly. This article will present various aids that will help you maintain that focus naturally.

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Probably the best investment you can make for improving your sexuality is by practicing various Yogic techniques that will help you first, to feel the subtle energy of your chakras, and second, to learn how to move that energy from your sexual organs to other areas of your body.

It’s very likely that you already know how the sexual energy moves during an orgasm. For most men and many women this is the experience of an explosive orgasm, when the energy rushes out from the sexual organs out, i.e. the orgasm moves outwards. Instead of having the default uncontrollable process of outward discharge, that same energy can be controlled and moved in the direction and destination of your choosing. A specific Yoga practice will help tremendously in making this happen.

Most Yoga schools these days don’t really teach authentic Hatha Yoga, but instead you get an excellent exercise and stretching experience. This is fantastic, except this is not what Hatha Yoga was designed to do. Great fitness and stretching are a side effect of a real Yogic practice and not its goals.

One of the goals[1] of authentic Hatha Yoga is to purify the chakras and the nadis (energy channels) of your body, and to learn to feel and control the subtle energies moving through them. If you’re familiar with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the chakras and the nadis are very similar to acupressure points and meridians. The nadis and the meridians are the channels, and the chakras and the acupressure points are the gateways to those channels. Some of these channels and gateways overlap in both sciences.

footnote 1: the main goal, of course, is to get spiritual enlightenment and through it liberation from suffering.

While I’m sure you have as many Yoga studios in your home town as Starbucks cafes, you might have a difficult time finding a Yoga teacher who can teach you the real Hatha Yoga of working with subtle energies. This post might be helpful: How and Where to Study Shaiva Tantra, but I hope there are other Yoga lineages that survived till today that can still teach you the subtle energy work in Hatha Yoga.

You need to find a Yoga teacher that can explain to you how each practice is done properly and then monitor your practice for a period of time, correcting any posture and execution mistakes, until you master these practices. Once you feel confident in your practice you can continue on your own.

Of course, if you can’t find such teacher, you can look up the practices online or learn from books and try to do it yourself. I don’t recommend you to try to figure these out on your own. While you may stumble upon the right way, chances are very high that without a knowledgeable support by your side it will be very unlikely. Also when you have an experienced teacher working with you there is a powerful transmission happening during the initiation into the various Yoga practices.

If you don’t feel the longing for the spiritual aspects the Yoga will open up for you, then the sexual Tao path would be an excellent alternative to Tantric Sexuality. And it’d be so much easier to find an excellent teacher, since Tao is taught by significantly more teachers than those of authentic Yoga.

The main foundation of Yogic practices is that by putting the body in different positions and varying the method of breathing accompanying these positions, each combination can be used to activate one or more chakra, and move the subtle energy to and from different parts of the body.

Next, let’s take one Yogic practice and demonstrate how you’d work with it.

Example: Uddiyana Bandha

Let’s look at the practice of Uddiyana Bandha, which is one of the main three bandhas (energy locks), that are used in Kundalini Yoga to ensure that the energy of Kundalini moves in the correct direction (towards the crown).

You enter this bandha by first leaning over and exhaling all the air from the lungs, and then bringing your upper body up without letting any air back in and at the same time forcefully sucking the stomach in, as it can be seen in the illustration.

Once this position is achieved you stay in it for as long as you can hold your air in. While in it, you need to focus on Manipura chakra, located in the area of the naval, and at the same time feel the inferior energy in the area of your pelvic area gets sublimated and transmuted through the fire of the Manipura chakra and gets moved up your spine to your higher chakras. In other words, once you become comfortable with the mechanics of it, while you exhaled all the air out and sucked your stomach in, you will feel surges of energy moving up your spine.

To exit the position you first relax the muscles of your stomach and let it come to a normal state, and only then you inhale. You then repeat this cycle as many times as you feel comfortable. An advanced practice it can be a 30-60min long, but at the beginning doing just 5-10 cycles is excellent.

This bandha is best practiced in the morning before any food has been taken in, or at the very least 3+ hours after a meal. Different people have different digestion times, so find what works the best for you. If your stomach is empty, there should be no discomfort experienced while doing this practice.

While I encouraged you to try to perform this bandha, based on this brief explanation, just to get an idea of what it can feel like, please do not attempt to practice it without first finding a Yoga practitioner who can properly demonstrate it to you, tell you a lot more details about its correct performance, and watch you do it until you both feel that you mastered it and can proceed on your own. Thank you!

If you were to take just one Yogic practice to see how it would improve your sexuality, I’d say that this would be Uddiyana Bandha. For example if you notice that you just can’t continue your love making because the sexual energy is too much to handle, you can take a break and perform 10 minutes of Uddiyana Bandha, which will sublime that energy to higher chakras. When you resume your love making you will notice that the sexual energy has quieted down and you can again continue with the intercourse. Over time you’ll learn how to sublime the sexual energy without needing to take a break, but until then this is an excellent solution.

Once you master Uddiyana Bandha, I’d recommend to progress to the practice of Nauli Kriya, which is an even more powerful transmutation technique. Uddiyana Bandha is also related to Tibetan Tummo practice (the inner fire meditation).

Here is a set of links for you to find which Yogic practices you can use to develop the awareness of each of the seven chakras:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]

Love Making Positions

Sex positions are quite similar to Yogic positions, in a sense that each acts as a tuner for a different energy. This is similar to rotating the dial of the radio to tune to different radio channels. So a different chakra gets activated depending on what position the two lovers use for love making. If during sex you just focus on the act itself you probably won’t notice that, but if you try to feel into your whole body and especially if you’re already attuned to how different chakras feel, you will notice that different positions will activate different chakras.

For example, Manipura chakra is likely to get activated when she is on top, and even better with her legs forward, so that deep penetration is achieved and his penis is touching her cervix.

The different positions are also very instrumental at what type of orgasm can be achieved. For example the position that has been just discussed is also very helpful for helping her to reach a cervical orgasm.

Here is a set of links for you to find which sex positions you can utilize to activate a specific chakra and also achieve a desired kind of an orgasm:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]


Besides body positions to act as a tuner, body senses can also be used to activate specific energies of the chakras. Olfactory (smell) sense is a perfect tool for vibrational activation of the different energy centers.

Essential oils are often used for this purpose, but other sources emitting the required smell can work as well. For example, instead of the essential oil of Rose to activate Anahata chakra, you can certainly bring fresh roses into the space you make love in. Or take a walk in the rose garden and stop to appreciate and smell many roses before you start the love making or even better make love in the rose garden!.

To use essential oils purchase an oil diffuser or an oil burner. An oil burner can also be used for burning resins.

With essential oils, use the amount that creates the most harmonious experience for both lovers, i.e. so that the scent is there, but it’s not overpowering. Usually a few drops of the oil is sufficient.

You may also ceremonially put a drop of essential oil under each other’s nostrils. Just make sure that the oil is not too concentrated and be careful not to touch any mucus membranes with it (lips, mouth, genitals) since if the essential oil is very concentrated you could get a burn. Wash it off your fingers when you’re done applying it. Check the instructions of the specific oil you are about to use and see whether you need to dilute it before use on the body.

Here is a set of links for you to find which scent to use to activate a specific chakra:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha ]

Metals & Gemstones

Wearing a jewelery that embeds certain kinds of metal or gemstones can also be used to help activate a specific chakra, and again the activation is done on a vibrational level, since every rock has its unique subtle vibration.

For example to activate Manipura metals like Iron and Gold or fiery Rubies gemstones can be used.

If you have access to a Vedic astrologer, they usually are very good at recommending specific to you gemstone that will help with working on a specific chakra. And they also can help you choose the stone that will help you harmonize your whole being, and compensate for difficulties affecting your sexual life due to your specific planet alignment.

Here is a set of links to find out which type of metal or gemstone activates which chakra:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]


Each chakras corresponds to one or several of human emotions. Since the beginning humans danced to express their emotions. If you put a smile on your face for just about 10 seconds you can’t help but to start feeling happy, regardless of how you felt a second earlier. Dance works in the same way. If you engage in a dance style that originated from experiencing a certain emotion, you can’t help but to start feeling that emotion. And once you feel that emotion, the chakra corresponding to that emotion gets activated.

For example if you intently watch a Flamenco or Tango dancer, you are bound to feel an emotion of power and pride, which are the emotions of the Manipura chakra – and thus your Manipura chakra gets activated. If you watch tribal dancers for some time you will start feeling connected with Earth and as a result your Muladhara chakra will get activated. If you watch Sufi dervish whirling you will start tapping into the energy of transcendence, which will activate the Vishuddha chakra.

While, to get the best vibrational effect you’d learn how to dance those various styles yourself, if you can’t do that or you’re just starting out and haven’t yet mastered these dance styles, watch intently and try to “shapeshift”/merge/perform samyama[2] with professional dancers during their performance.

footnote 2: Samyama is an advanced Yogic practice where a practitioner attempts to merge with the object of his gaze, becoming one with it and accessing the same state the object is in. Shapeshifting is a somewhat similar practice in Shamanism.

Here is a set of links to find out which dance style activates which chakra:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]


According to the law of resonance, when a music is composed to create a certain feeling, that music can be used any time to activate that particular feeling in its listeners. And same as with dance, that feeling will activate a chakra corresponding to that feeling.

Except it’s much easier to play a specifically selected set of sound tracks before and during love making, than to dance, watch movies, or read books, which obviously you can’t do during love making. So dancing, reading and watching are best done to activate the desired chakra before love making. Those activities are also useful for better understanding of what an activation of a certain chakra feels like.

Since our movie industry is all about tapping into various human emotions, special music is often composed for each movie to give the audience a very unique feeling desired by the creators of that movie. Therefore, often, a complete “Original SoundTrack” (OST) can often be used to activate a certain mood/emotion. For example, Hans Zimmer’s OST composed for Gladiator (2000) [IMDB], can be played to activate the Manipura chakra, since the whole movie is about creating an experience of heroism, which is one of the main aspects of that chakra.

Since most movies try to elicit a wide range of emotions, at times only certain music pieces can be used and not the whole soundtrack to activate a desired chakra. Play each individual track and observe how it makes you feel. Listen to your body and it will point to you the right choices of resonance.

Of course, you will find plenty of music that wasn’t composed for movies, which will activate the chakra of your choice. You will find the guidelines for finding such music and a starter list for each chakra on the following pages:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]


In order to create an emotional experience a powerful story is used in good movies. It’s communicated through dialogue, images and sound. Words and intonation are there to tell the story and to try to elicit the desired emotions. As discussed in the section on music, the vibration and mood of the sound further amplifies these emotions. And finally, a powerful visual play presented by the actors often happens to be most instrumental at helping the audience to have the desired emotional experience.

For example, if the hero in a movie is shouting ‘Fight!’ to his platoon, a powerful “heroic” music is played in the background, and the actor’s posture and his face are showing the audience the image of determination and glory, most people will be able to have a somewhat similar experience from the comfort of their armchair.

You can experiment with watching silent movies (or turning the sound off in a normal movie), movies with no dialogue and only music as the non-visual support and see how they all have a different impact on you. For example, we often get lazy during movie watching since the whole experience is delivered to us. When you turn the sound off in a normal movie and try to understand the story line by only watching the images and guessing what might be going on (that is if you don’t read lips), it may put you in a much more activated state since you will have to creatively fill in the gaps.

Besides the entertainment factor you get from watching movies, it’s also an excellent method for learning how different people experience various emotions, and through that understand different aspects of the chakras. Once understood and directly experienced, you can then evoke those emotions and thus activate those chakras during love making.

Here are the movies styles that match each of the seven chakras:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]


Movies and theater seem to be more useful than books for experiencing how different energies feel, since the actors do all the work for us (if they are good actors of course). We just need to watch and attune to their play. This is not to say that great writers can’t make us feel the energy of the situation through powerful description and dialogue, but we still need to do the work of experiencing it as intended by the author, and not all will be successful at it. For example, how can one feel what’s it like to be a hero, if he has never had the direct experience or has seen someone being a hero. For the same reason, a well-produced audio-book is likely to be more powerful, than the text of the same book, at inducing a wider range of emotions and energies in its listener.

A story that tries to elicit the various emotions lays in the foundation of music, books and movies. Depending on the story, the capacity of the writer/composer/actor and the ability of the audience to receive and relate to the content of the story, one of these three ways of presentation could be more powerful than the other. If a book is well written and the reader is capable of relating to the emotions depicted in the story, then a very powerful activation of the chakras, corresponding to the described emotions, can be experienced. It’s not uncommon for the original book to provide a richer experience to its reader, than the movie rendering of the same.

Here are some recommendations on books that can help you understand and experience emotions of the different chakras:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]

Other Aids

There are various other aids available that are suitable only for a specific chakra, and you will read the explanation of each in the article where it is introduced.


Something that’s worth mentioning is that you may have noticed that most tools that have been presented here work on a vibrational level.

You don’t need to try and use all the aids possible to manifest a fantastic love making session on a desired chakra. Each of these aids will help a little bit and combined even more so, but remember to focus on loving each other during sex and let that love to take you to new heights and places.

Further Learning

If you feel inspired and would like to dive even deeper into the science of chakras, here is a list of books I recommend to read to deepen your knowledge of chakras:

Other important books to study:


The information in this set of articles comes from almost 10 years of taking Tantra trainings, reading multiple books and of course applying this knowledge in the actual love making. Often it’s hard to pinpoint the exact sources. As I find specific sources I will be making updating. I’m just sharing with you what I know. So if you are uncertain of anything, don’t blindly believe anything you read here — please make sure you do your own research.

A big part of the information here comes from information gathered over the years by the Agama and MISA Tantra Yoga schools. For example the music recommendations came primarily from where advanced yoga practitioners listened to various pieces of music and observed which chakras have been activated as a result of such listening. Same for movies and books. They also tried various love making positions and noted which chakras got activated while putting the bodies in those positions during sex. They provided an incredible service to all of us doing that.

Illustrations: these Indian miniature illustrations of sex positions have been floating around for several decades now. Perhaps they originally came from Nik Douglas’ book “Sexual Secrets“, perhaps elsewhere, it’s hard to tell. In the future I’d like to make a set of unique drawings, but drawing is not my forte. If you’re good at it and would like to help, that would be awesome. Of course another solution is to take photographs, which is probably what I will end up doing. I trust something good will happen.

Illustrations in this article:

Uddiyana Bandha by Karel Werner 1961 (used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license). (odd, the wikipedia image is no longer there

If you have any comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to share those via the comments section below.

Next, I recommend you read on making love on a specific chakra of your choice:

[ 1. Muladhara | 2. Svadhishthana | 3. Manipura | 4. Anahata | 5. Vishuddha | 6. Ajna | 7. Sahasrara ]

or make another pick from Sexuality and Relationships Open Book.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you. Thank you!

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