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Sex This: Intensify Your Sexual Experience With Groaning And Hyperventilation

June 1, 2017 by stas | 3 Comments | Filed in Practices For Men, Practices For Women, Sex This

Torsten Passie, Uwe Hartmann, Udo Schneider and Hinderk M. Emrich from Department of Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical School Hannover, Hannover, Germany published the following study in 2003: On the function of groaning and hyperventilation during sexual intercourse: intensification of sexual experience by altering brain metabolism through hypocapnia. DOI: Study Abstract Sexual arousal is […]

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Sex This: How Is A Woman To Deal With A Sudden Onset Of An Orgasm In Public

May 25, 2017 by stas | No Comments | Filed in Practices For Women, Sex This

One of my clients recently asked me this tough question: “Sometimes I get a sudden arousal and may experience an orgasm, while I’m out and about, interacting with the world. I don’t know how to go about that.” It came up while we were discussing the cultivation of different levels of an orgasm and redefining […]

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Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch

May 12, 2017 by stas | 2 Comments | Filed in Energy Work, Sex This, Solo Practices

Learning how to experience sexual pleasure without touching myself or being touched is something I have started to experiment with as of recent. After all, if we all have sexual dreams and are able to experience pleasure and to have an orgasm without touching ourselves or being touched on the physical level, we should be […]

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Sex This: Input Fodder & Make Requests Here

May 12, 2017 by stas | 2 Comments | Filed in Sex This

Invitation This is a place where I’m going to place concepts and techniques related to sexuality that I’d like to research and report back to you. As I work through each one, I will create a dedicated “Sex This: ” article where each of those topics will be looked at in depth and you will […]

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