Sexuality and Relationships Open Book

Stas Bekman

Experiential Sex Lab presents:

Sexuality and Relationships Open Book

I am, Stas Bekman, your host at Experiential Sex Lab. After almost 10 years of a dedicated study and practice of Tantric Sexuality I have decided to share what I know with you. I have written several books in the past and the best experience I had with my first book, which ended up being a 900-page tome once it was published. The unusual approach I took is to write it online, making it accessible to all and anybody, who wanted to, was able to comment, contribute and help me create the best possible content. And since it has been the most engaging and inspiring experience for me, compared with writing other books, which I did not share with others during their creation, I decided to do this again with this new book on sexuality and relationships.

This is work in progress, yet, everything that has been written so far is quite complete and ready for your reading and self-study.

Please see the end of this page for more information about this project, contacts, etc.

Table of Contents


For background for this project please read: The Experiential Sex Lab Launch.

Chapter 1. Simple Things that Will Go A Long Way

  1. Little Things to Dramatically Improve Female Sexuality
  2. “Low Hanging” Techniques to Dramatically Increase Ejaculation Control

Chapter 2. All about Orgasms

  1. 8 Types of Female Orgasms To Bring Into Your Life
  2. How To Transfer Orgasms To Others And Yourself
  3. Sex This: Intensify Your Sexual Experience With Groaning And Hyperventilation
  4. Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch

Chapter 3. Prolonging Love Making by Moving Sexual Energy Up The Chakras

  1. How To Move Sexual Energy To Prolong Your Love Making
  2. Tools To Help You Focus on Chakras During Sex
  3. How to Make Love on Chakra #3 (Manipura @ Navel)
  4. How to Make Love on Chakra #4 (Anahata @ Heart)
  5. How to Make Love on Chakra #5 (Vishuddha @ Throat)
  6. How to Make Love on Chakra #6 (Ajna @ 3rd Eye)
  7. How to Make Love on Chakra #7 (Sahasrara @ Crown)

More advanced work with the 2 lower chakras during sex:

  1. How to Make Love on Chakra #1 (Muladhara @ Base)
  2. How to Make Love on Chakra #2 (Svadhishthana @ Sacrum)

Chapter 4. Group Sex

  1. How Intentional Group Sex (not Orgy) Can Help You Overcome Suffering
  2. Guidelines For Manifesting Transformative Intentional Group Sex

Chapter 5. Tantric Sexuality

  1. How Tantric Is Tantric Sex?

Chapter 6. Relationships

  1. Reflections on Love, Polyamory and Open Relationships

Appendices: Ends and Odds

  1. Sex This: How Is A Woman To Deal With A Sudden Onset Of An Orgasm In Public
  2. Why The Human Penis Has A Strangely Shaped Head?
  3. Sex This: Input Fodder & Make Requests Here


Notes about this project:

I decided to call this project Experimental Sex Lab, since:


adjective: experiential

involving or based on experience and observation.
“the experiential learning associated with employment”

This project uses the adjective experiential by design. I don’t want anybody to believe anything I say, I encourage you to experience things for yourself and decide what improves your and your partner’s sexual life and what doesn’t. Your experiencing is certainly going to involve experimenting, but experiencing is much bigger and more important than experimenting, as the latter can be done from a very removed position and not involving your full presence, which is a must to have an amazing sexuality.

At the moment there are two types of articles:

  1. On topics that I know well and can confidently write about and share with others.
  2. On topics that I’ve been studying and experimenting with and inviting others to experiment with me. Articles on these topics will have a “Sex This:” prefix. A special article: Sex This: Input Fodder & Make Requests Here is there to collect ideas that need to be researched and where you can add your input.

Should you have questions or comments about a specific article, please use the comments section of that article. For other questions and comment please contact me at

Thank you for reading and if you learned some new things, please spread the word!

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