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Sex This: Intensify Your Sexual Experience With Groaning And Hyperventilation

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Torsten Passie, Uwe Hartmann, Udo Schneider and Hinderk M. Emrich from Department of Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical School Hannover, Hannover, Germany published the following study in 2003:

On the function of groaning and hyperventilation during sexual intercourse: intensification of sexual experience by altering brain metabolism through hypocapnia. DOI:

Study Abstract

Sexual arousal is accompanied by some typical physiological reaction patterns. Another typical feature of sexual intercourse is involuntary sound production implying in its more intense forms acceleration of breathing (hyperventilation). Up to now no study examined spCO2 during intense sexual intercourse, but there is evidence that some degree of hyperventilation with its physiological consequences may often be induced during sexual intercourse. This article discusses implications of hyperventilation during sexual intercourse for alterations of consciousness and subjective experience in the light of recent studies of brain metabolic changes during states of hyperventilation. Groaning and hyperventilation are interpreted in this context as a psychophysiological mechanism to deepen states of sexual trance.


Let’s look at the science first:

Hyperventilation often occurs through fast deep breathing and it results in a state, where more carbon dioxide gets removedĀ from the blood stream than the body produces, resulting in a drop of carbon dioxide concentration, which is known as hypocapnia. Hypocapnia then leads to a 30-50% decrease in the blood flow to the cortex of the brain, resulting in less than normal supply of oxygen to the brain. This in turn affects the balance between cortical and limbic system control, letting the limbic system become more dominant. Basically this change leads to less thinking and more feeling, resulting in more intense emotions and euphoric mood states.

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Sex This: How Is A Woman To Deal With A Sudden Onset Of An Orgasm In Public

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Orgasm in Public

One of my clients recently asked me this tough question:

“Sometimes I get a sudden arousal and may experience an orgasm, while I’m out and about, interacting with the world. I don’t know how to go about that.”

It came up while we were discussing the cultivation of different levels of an orgasm and redefining orgasm as much more than just a peak sexual experience, paying attention to the body, developing awareness of the different states of the body at different times.

My suggestion was to first do an introspection and check internally on how she wanted to live her life, and whether being “alive” is more important than being “proper”.

If being alive in the moment is the choice, then she would find a way to experience the orgasm, while breaking the least amount of norms. For example if surrounded by close friends she could just say: “sorry guys, I’m having an orgasm”, and go for it… or go for it and then explain it. If in a wider public setting and at a danger of performing an “indecent” act, she could retire to the ladies’ room or find some kind of a variant to express her orgasm, which is least obvious to an uninvolved observer. It is somewhat similar to suppressing a sneeze, when we try that — often we get a strong energy pulse moving through our body, which is a type of an orgasm, since it kicks your kundalini energy into moving, albeit in non-sexual way.

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Little Things to Dramatically Improve Female Sexuality

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If you are familiar with the The Pareto Principle, better known as ’80-20 rule’, it suggests that a small proportion of the potential effort is responsible for most of the outcome, and in order to get to the full outcome, a significantly bigger effort is required. For example 20% of clients in a given company typically bring in 80% of the profits; learning 20% of a new language will be sufficient in 80% of situations where one needs to communicate in that language; you’re very likely to wear 20% of your clothes and use 20% of your tools 80% of the time. Of course the 80-20 range can fluctuate, but the idea remains the same, you don’t need to make a very big effort to get substantially significant results. Following this principle in this article I will discuss methods you can use to dramatically improve your sexuality as a woman, while investing the least amount of time and effort on your part.

Mind Tweaks

Women are naturally multi-orgasmic. If you are not, then something is getting in the way. That something is usually your mind. The less it is in the way, the more you will experience your sensual-by-design body.

Get out of your head. You need to be in your body to experience deep pleasure and different ranges of powerful orgasms. You probably can relate to that situation, where you can be very close to an orgasm, and at the very last moment you lose it, because your mind got excited, as you were almost there and because it so wanted you to get there, that it got in the way. You can only use your mind to replay an orgasm you experienced in the past. You can’t use your mind to experience a real-time orgasm. If you’re with a lover, you have to let go of your mind and let your lover tickle your body into an orgasm. Later, when you’re on your own, you can replay any of the orgasms you have ever experienced using your mind. Therefore if you’re having sex and you observe yourself not quite being in your body, gently bring yourself out of your head and into the physical experience. Repeat as many times as needed, focusing on being in the body, and loving yourself every time you notice yourself not being in your body. Only through loving you can retrain yourself to be in your body. If you get upset about your mind, you will still be stuck in the mind.

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