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The Experiential Sex Lab Launch

May 8, 2017 | By stas | No Comments | Filed in: Inspirational.

Recently I realized that I know a lot about sex. After all I have been studying it in-depth since 2009. And of course I have been practicing sex a lot, experimenting with various techniques, keeping what worked for me, discarding what did not. And this knowledge was calling to me to share it with you.

Let’s Write an Open Source Book

As I have quite a unique experiential outlook on sexuality I decided that the best way for me to share my knowledge with the others is to write a book about it. So I set down and started writing it. I made a really nice progress in the first few hours, mainly creating a layout and putting lots of notes of what will go in each chapter.

Then I decided to take a break for a few days and during the break I remembered that my very first book that I wrote wasn’t written in the void of my computer, it was written online, where anybody who was interested on the subject could contribute with feedback, improvement ideas, suggestions, sanity checks, etc. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing any books at that time. The book was born after several years of writing. For those who knew me some 15 years ago I’m talking about the famous mod_perl mini-guide that became a 924-page book named “Practical mod_perl” and was published by O’Reilly & Associated (today: O’Reilly Media) in 2003.

That collaborative writing experience was quite rewarding in my ways. It was also a huge learning experience for me – I hardly knew English at that time (my 3rd language). 

Therefore I decided why not do the same here. I know a lot of people who are passionate about harmonious and functional sexuality. I can ask them to contribute where they feel inspired to. We get all that wonderful knowledge out to the people to have a better life-experience. And then down the road I can curate the content into a structured format of a book. Or not. It doesn’t matter whether the book will be written. The original intention was to share and so it’s still the intention.

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