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Sex This: Self-Pleasuring Without Touch

May 12, 2017 | By stas | No Comments | Filed in: Energy Work, Sex This, Solo Practices.

Learning how to experience sexual pleasure without touching myself or being touched is something I have started to experiment with as of recent.

After all, if we all have sexual dreams and are able to experience pleasure and to have an orgasm without touching ourselves or being touched on the physical level, we should be able to achieve the same while being awake.

Expanding the Capacity to Channel Sexual Energy

Just as learning to masturbate well helps you to know yourself better and then to have a better sexual experience with your partner,  I believe this is a very important practice if you want to expand your capacity to have full body orgasms. In order to be able to receive and contain the powerful flow of sexual energy that manifests during sex, you need first to lay the foundation and pave the “highways” for the energy to flow through your body. Otherwise the energy won’t be able to flow and it will stop either at the genitals or somewhere half-way through.

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